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Loot Box™

Ladder Accessory

*Compatible with the King Kombo 2.0 top cap.*

Tools, gear, kit, loot—whatever you call your stuff, this bucket holds it. Originally designed to secure plumber’s cement and primer at the top of your ladder, this versatile equipment bucket can carry anything from Pex rings to wire nuts. 

Multiple Attachment Methods

Your stuff, where you need it. Use the hook clip to hang the Loot Box on either side of your top cap or use the fitted underside to securely place the Loot Box on top.

Removeable Partition

There are two types of people: the ones who organize their fasteners, and the ones who carry a box of loose nuts and bolts. The Loot Box was built for both: use the partition to separate your bucket into two sections for your organizational pleasure, or slot it into the storage position and live dangerous.

Tool Docks

This bucket has its own toolbelt. The Loot Box’s rim has three storage holes for screwdrivers and a longer slot for holstering your PVC or drywall saw.

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