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3 Tread

A compact step stool for not-so-compact jobs. The Little Giant Jumbo Step is the lightweight alternative to grabbing your six-footer when you only need two or three. Ultra-wide steps make walking up the Jumbo Step ad easy as walking up a staircase. Only available in a 3-step model.


Product Features

  • Non-Slip Staircase Treads: Three steps to your truck bed, grab your equipment , three steps back down-all while facing forward . Ultra-wide, non-slip steps with almost no overlap make this step stool a genuine portable staircase
  • Tool Tray & Handrail: Keep your tools close and your safety rail closer. The rotating safety handrail is both a sturdy lean point for added stability and a versatile tool tray equipment that needs to be on hand.
  • Slim Profile: Stop lugging a ladder to a stool's work, The Jumbo Step is lightweight; easy to carry, and folds into a slim storage profile
  • Oversized Feet: Need to set up over grating? No problem. The Jumbo Step's slip-resistant, oversized feet keep it steady and secure on a variety of industrial surfaces
  • Non-Conductive Fibreglass: Made from durable fibreglass, this step stool is designed for sites with electrical requirements
SKU Treads Platform
Height (m)
Approx. Working
Height1 (m)
Height (m)
Open Depth
1216-018 3 0.7 2.7 1.1 0.6 0.8 8.2
1216-019 0 0.0 2.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 9.2
Where applicable, Approx. Working Height1 is an approximate calculation of 1.95m (6'4") plus platform height or last climbing tread, whichever is appropriate. Ladders set at an angle of ~75o degrees.

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