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The Stand in Stadium

The Stand in Stadium

Stadium Steps

The Little Giant Stadium Step 2.0 will offer you or your workforce an enclosed platform area. This wide platform area is comfortable to stand on while you get underway with the task. The wide base of the Stadium Step will offer the utmost stability whilst you climb the treads. Before entering the platform, unlock the gates, which will lift upwards and allow you to enter the platform. Once you're on the platform, close the gates behind you. 

The large platform area features heel-to-toe protection around the platform edges. This will stop your boots from hanging over the platform's edge and prevent tools from accidentally rolling off the platform at height. 

The Stadium Step 2.0 will enable the user to climb the podium step with ease with its twin handrails. The twin handrails offer the operator reassurance by being able to grab the handrails climbing up and down the Stadium Step. 

Stadium Step

It's Lean, Mean & Hi-Viz Green - Fibreglass stiles on the Stadium Step, which allows you to work around electricity due to fibreglass being non-conductive. The Hi-Viz Green is the eye's most visible colour, making the step very noticeable in working environments. 

Stadium Step

Side Mounted Stabilisers - These stabilisers can be deployed to offer you greater stability whilst using the Stadium Step, and simply click the metal ballpoint to unlock to fold them away when you're not using them. The stabilisers will be stored away flat on the rear section of the Stadium Step. 

Stadium Step

Tilt & Glide Wheels - To transport the Stadium Step, lift the platform until both front and rear sections stiles meet. The Stadium Step is now in the closed position. Lower the Stadium Step at the top towards you until you feel the step is on its wheels. Once the step is on its wheels, you'll be able to drag the Stadium Step behind to your following working location or to the van to be stored away.  

Little Giant LIVE

Little Giant LIVE

Interested in this product or would like a product demo? Join our Little Giant LIVE sessions, and we will demo this product virtually for you or your workforce. It’s FREE!

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