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Meet the HypertLite SumoStance - Probably the Safest Ladder in the World!

Meet the HypertLite SumoStance - Probably the Safest Ladder in the World!

HyperLite SumoStance

The HyperLite™ SumoStance® is the only extension ladder in the world with Little Giant's patented SumoStance levelling outrigger system, which more than doubles the ladder's base width and increases side-tip stability. The SumoStance®'s intuitive safety features help ensure a safe, stable set-up for any job on almost any surface and are lighter than any other manufacturer's lightest ordinary extension ladders.


SumoStance - As the name suggests, the HyperLite has wide SumoStance, offering greater stability whilst working at the top of the ladder. The SumoStance utilizes wide-flared leg levellers to increase the stability of your ladder. The wide legs nearly double the ladder's width, giving your ladder added side-tip stability. Work on any terrain, adjusting the ladder's legs as needed, so you can confidently tackle any project.

HyperLite SumoStance

Ground Cue - That's right, the Ground Cue also features on our Ladders, not just our steps & multi-position ladders. The Ground Cue is situated on the first/bottom rung of the ladder and coloured in orange. The purpose of the Ground Cue is to inform you that you've reached the last rung/tread of the ladder by letting you know by an audible click which you can feel through your footwear. 20% of ladder/step accidents occur on the last tread due to the worker thinking that they're on the last tread/rung, but they are actually on the second but last one, which can cause an injury. 

HyperLite Lightweight

HyperLite Lightweight - As the name suggests, the HyperLite is a lightweight ladder compared to the traditional double & triple extension ladders but remains just as strong! We understand at Little Giant that carrying ladders all day on the job site can be exhausting, so we've made sure to make them lighter without losing strength or rigidity. We've also incorporated a double pulley system, making operating the ladder even more effortless. Rather than pushing up each section of a traditional extension ladder with brute strength, all you have to do with the HyperLite is pull on the rope operating system to the side of the ladder, and the ladder will go up to your desired height. 

HyperLite SumoStance

Bubble Levels - The benefits of this ladder are clear. In addition to the benefits listed above, the SumoStance increases safety with its patent-pending Hi-Viz Green colour. This fibreglass colour is easy to see, which helps prevent accidents associated with walking or driving into a ladder that is in use.

Little Giant LIVE

Little Giant LIVE

Interested in this product or would like a product demo? Join our Little Giant LIVE sessions, and we will demo this product virtually for you or your workforce. 

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